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Replacement policy

Due to the type and purpose of our product, we do not accept returns. Therefore, once the JAWTRAINER© is used for the first time, it cannot be resold or used later due to the nature of its use [mouthing].

In case of product breakage, you can benefit from a restocking of broken parts for 30 days after the date of receipt indicated by your tracking number. There is no additional charge for replacement parts.

The policy states that a customer may request replacement of JAWTRAINER© Quadratus in the event of breakage. The cost of replacement and transport is covered and managed by Quadratus. To benefit you must contact us by email at enclosing a photo of your JAWTRAINER© with invoice.

Definition of breakage:

A visually perceptible tear, crack, perforation of the silicone material produced as a result of the intended use [mastication of the molar teeth] which results in a significant loss of strength and loss of the intended function of the product [high resistance to the closing movement of the mandibular bone].

Time Limit:

The customer has the right to submit an unlimited number of replacement requests within 30 DAYS AFTER receipt of their initial order, indicated by their tracking number. In order to obtain the right to another month of free replacements, the customer must make another purchase of the product from the Quadratus online shop.

Other policy rules:

1. The customer can only request replacements for the product range purchased and cannot request a different replacement range. The customer must purchase the range from the Quadratus online shop to be eligible to receive replacements for that product range.

2. The customer may not submit more than one replacement request for the same case of breakage. The penalty for this is cancellation of the customer's order replacement policy.

3. Quadratus reserves the right to refuse any replacement request.

4. Quadratus may make unlimited changes to the replacement policy without notice and at its own discretion.

5. Quadratus is not obliged to inform the customer of changes to the unlimited replacement policy.

6. The policy does not cover loss of product or intentional damage.

7. If photos of the breakage are not submitted or if the breakage was not caused by the intended use of the product, the replacement request will be denied.

8. If the customer has provided incorrect/insufficient information that results in the return/non-delivery of the package, the replacement policy for that order will end.