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New exclusive exercises
JAWTRAINER® 3.0 - Medium
JAWTRAINER® 3.0 - Medium
JAWTRAINER® 3.0 - Medium
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JAWTRAINER® 3.0 - Medium

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With the JAWTRAINER® 3.0 Medium, sculpt a well-defined jawline that won't go unnoticed. Starting with this line is the best way to get the most lasting, impressive results that will make you feel good about yourself. Finally become the best version of yourself by pre-ordering now!

Range 3.0: what does it change?

Reinforced silicone 2x stronger

A more ergonomic design

Appearance of the pro range

Faster visible results

Addition of new exclusive exercises

Extension of the warranty

What hasn't moved:

CE certified food grade silicone

100% secure payments

48H delivery offered in France

24/7 responsive customer service

Designed and assembled in France

Highly demanding quality control

Medium pack contents:

Icone SVGJAWTRAINER® 3.0 - Medium
Icone SVG Hygienic storage box
Icone SVG Premium storage pouch
Icone SVG Detailed training guide
Icone SVG 2 months unlimited replacement warranty
Icone SVG All designed and assembled in France

Why build up your jaw?

Historically, a square jaw has been synonymous with strength, self-confidence and virility. Many studies have shown that men with a perfectly shaped jaw are perceived as more attractive, appealing and seductive. To achieve this sign of masculinity, you simply need to build up your masseters, the muscles at the angle of the jaw!

How does it work?

Unlike other jaw structuring gadgets* you can find on the internet, JAWTRAINER® 3.0 stimulates your muscles in a natural way without harming the temporomandibular joint thanks to an enhanced chewing process. By working the back of your jaw, they stimulate the molars, which are teeth naturally designed for chewing.

*In addition to being ineffective, they can also be dangerous! By acting between the incisors, in the front part of the jaw, they damage the joints, weaken the teeth and cause pain.

Go to the health section to learn more!

Where and when you want

In the car, on the road, at work or at the gym, work your jaw wherever and whenever you want. With a pocket-friendly storage box, you can take your JAWTRAINER® 3.0 with you anywhere!

Little tip: to keep them fresh and available all day, dip them in mouthwash.


Precautions for use : Rinse your JAWTRAINER® 3.0 with water or mouthwash before and after each use. Do not chew JAWTRAINER® 3.0 like food, use up and down movements. Always chew with your molars, they are specially designed for chewing. Always place your teeth on the honeycombed side of the JAWTRAINER® 3.0. Pace your breathing during training, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. Stretch your jaw at the end of each practice by opening your mouth wide for a few seconds.

Cases in which use is strongly discouraged: you are under 14 years of age, have one or more missing molars, weakened teeth, a cracked jaw, or a pronounced asthma. If you experience unusual or persistent pain, stop exercising immediately and contact your treating physician.