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1- Getting Started

Put your two JAWTRAINER®s under hot water then place them on your molars, one on the right side the other on the left. To make the exercise more effective, place them on the bottom three teeth.

2- Chew gently

Gently close your jaw until the JAWTRAINER® are flattened and then hold for a second. Repeat until you feel the muscles become congested. Fatigue will occur after about two minutes.

3- Accelerate

Chew quickly but in a controlled manner for another two minutes before releasing. Repeat the exercise between five and ten times a day. Rest your muscles every third day.

4- Admire the result!

Look at yourself in a mirror and observe the change. You can almost see your jaw muscles growing in real time! Keep training and you'll get a perfectly shaped square jaw faster than you ever imagined. Train wherever and whenever you want by taking your box with you everywhere.

Precautions for use